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Breaking Cycles: Are You Transitioning or Transforming?

Transition is a term that we hear often during our span of life. Life is about transition. We transition from childhood, adolescence, young adults and into the stages of adulthood. So, transition is a part of who we are as a person, but we must understand that even though we transition in every aspect of our personhood, life and lifestyle, we do not necessarily transform our life. We oftentimes have no control of the events that occur throughout our lives but what we do have control of, is our response to the events that have happened to us.

So often during a transitional time within one’s life, we tend to react to the event/circumstances rather respond to it. Now you may ask what’s the difference in a response versus a reaction?

When you react to a particular circumstance or event you demonstrate a behavior in correspondence to how that event or circumstance made you feel, both positively and negatively. For example, if someone did something or said something that made you feel inadequate, shameful or insignificant and this may be a feeling that had been re-occurring throughout your life span, then your reaction (behavior) may be to fight, call them a degrading name and/or all the verbal and non-verbal gestures that align with how, what they did or said made you feel. When you react, you address your issues and emotions. This usually leaves a negative impression with those surrounding you...

Consequently, when you respond to a specific event/circumstance, you analyze it first along with the “what and why” something happens or is said, before you address it with a solution. When you respond you solve the problem or impart wisdom that was not known.

Remember during the times of transition we either progress or regress, Level Up or level down, break cycles or create similar ones!

Are you transitioning without change? Are you still making the same mistakes? Are your problems the same only with different faces?

It’s time stop just transitioning and transform your life!

So often as we go through life having a false sense of transition and development as a person. We think that because we have a new house, new car, new relationship and even a new body that we have transitioned into a higher level in life.

But in reality, we are in the same place that we’ve been for the last 5,10,15 or even 20 years. You have a great job, nice car, nice house but you are still broke .You’re in a new relationship, but you are still unhappy. You may have started your own business making lots of money, but you still feel like a failure. You lost weight, your body looks great, but you are still not happy with what you see in the mirror.

Do you realize that we all transition, but we don’t all transform!

It’s time to not only transition but to transform your life!

Transition into Transformation! Transformation begins with isolation, evaluation and information.

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