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Are You Really Ready to Be Coached?

Everyone wants a title, but don’t know their name!

I’ve noticed lately that many people are using the subtitle Coaches, Strategist and Experts to advance their career’s, businesses or organizations. I don’t see a problem with using these titles because in every generation there is a popular word phrase or title that is used in business, to catch the attention of the audience that they are seeking. But what I’ve noticed is many people have taken on titles without fully understanding who they are.

Coaches, Strategist and Experts are considered as Master in his/her field. Mastery means that you have a consistent validity, experience and/or evident based research on a subject.

I’ve come across many people that call themselves Coaches, Strategist and Experts in his/her field and have a passion to help those who have experienced many of the life experiences, relational, business and health issues that they have experienced or overcome.

The hazards that I recognize, with those who have taken on these subtitles without adequate training, education and research/experienced, is that many have taken on subtitles based on their personal past dysfunctional experiences, emotional distress or negative outcomes. This doesn’t make you an expert in that area, may give you great insight and information relating to the trauma, dysfunctions, emotional distresses or negative outcomes you experienced.

Recently I had someone who had taken on the subtitle of Coach reach out to me about working with a population of people, she had a passion for. Her business was fitness, but she had taken on the subtitle of Coach, her goal was to empower women and evolve in life. Her goal was to empower women by helping them understanding who they related to intimate relationships. During our conversation I noticed that she herself has some relationship issues that were not resolved. She was still dealing with some negative emotions and low self-esteem issues, but she was empowering women as it related to their intimate relationships. DANGER!!!!!

NEVER try to EMPOWER others when you yourself are NOT Empowered in that specific area! There is a DANGER of YOU giving yourself a subtitle, title or saying you are an expert in certain areas that you are not totally healed /delivered from. There is the potential to express your OPINIONS and not truths/facts. Instead of them healing from your information, advise or tainted wisdom/knowledge, it becomes a cesspool of sharing emotional hurts from your place of hurt and their place of hurt.

You can’t help someone heal in areas that you are NOT totally healed from. You can share your experiences but when you still have wounds of emotional hurts, YOU ONLY share information out of a wounded place and NOT a place of healing, expertise, validity or research.

Are you coaching people and sharing information out of your place of hurt or out of your place of healing?

Coaches, Strategist and Expert’s share information and guide others into greatness! DANGER!

Be careful where you ARE guiding people!

Have you given yourself a title, but you really DO Not know who you are?

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