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Breaking Cycles: Step 2Are you expecting more than you are willing to offer?

After you have Identified the root of issues then its time to do something about it! It’s one thing to identify the root of your problems but then it’s something totally different to change it.

Change is not always easy!

But change is necessary, and it is inevitable. If you allow unwanted cycles to continue to revolve in your life, those issues began to change you! Oftentimes we want the pain of the problems to change but we are not quite ready to implement those necessary changes in our lives the will create situational, circumstantial and/or emotional changes we are desiring.

I have always had to deal with weight issues in my life. I had finally gotten to my desired weight when life happen (again). I experienced a horrible divorce causing a large separation between my children and me. So once again I began to gain some of the weight back, but it was under control. Then I had a hysterectomy, which causes a hormonal imbalance and weight gain. I gained all the weight back and some, I became depressed, complaintive and unhappy with my body. I would often share my unhappiness with anyone who would listen. People quickly become annoyed with listening to you complain about the same problems (you sound like a loud broken record). One day a close friend politely asked me as I was complaining about my weight again “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Why is it that we complain about are problems, but we rarely ever do something to change them?

It is not enough just to talk about losing weight or becoming healthier, but you NEVER change your bad eating habits or create or began an exercise program. Complaining about how fat you are becomes your crutch and you make excuses. Complaining becomes your excuse, it becomes your New Normal. I was coaching a client whose health had declined and if she did not lose weight it could possibly kill her. She shared with me that she was willing to do whatever she needed to do to get healthy. When I suggested that she exercise, increase her green vegetable intake and decrease her starchy vegetables, her EXCUSE was I DO NOT like green vegetables and my knees hurt when I exercise.

You cannot break cycles in your life, until you change something in your life! STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

Have you noticed that it’s easier to complain about the negative, unwanted and unhealthy habits/ emotions in your life and/or the lives of others, but you are NOT willing to change or do something different so that you can achieve the results you desire.

It takes courage to change! But it’s time to stop complaining and expecting things/people or situations to change if you are NOT willing to change your thoughts and actions.

Are you tired of playing the same old broken record? Are you ready to be the change that you are desiring?

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