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Relationships: Why Opposites Don’t Attract

I have heard the saying “Opposites Attract”, but do they really attract? We know that two positives and two negative charges will cancel out each other, and there will be no power. But is that true when it comes to relationships? Many relationships are dissolved because couples say that “We are Opposites! We have different viewpoints! We Have Nothing in Common! But when I ask the question, “What attracted you too each other? Often the answer is “It was something different about them! I felt as though they completed me! Or they treated me different than I have even been treated before!

Why does it seem like the very things that attract us to a person sometimes are the very things that cause us the most problems within our relationships or the lack of them? Opposites are oftentimes strengths that a person possess that initially attracts us to them. If the persons strengths attract you to them why is it that sometimes we NEVER pay attention to their weakness? Opposites can be weakness or strengths, but it depends on what you need or what you are seeking in others that will attract you to them or vise versa. To create POWER you need a positive and negative attraction.

Many couples end up in counseling or divorce court because they don’t recognize that they are attracted to each other’s strengths, BUT when their weakness show up they seem to allow them to over take and control the electricity of their relationship. When I began to only focus on my partners weakness, I could not see his strengths anymore. If I could have allowed his strengths to fill in for my weak areas and my strengths fill in for his weak areas we could have created POWER in our relationship!

Are you allowing your partners weakness blind you from his/ her strengths?

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